At Chai Cie Wellness we believe everyone should be able to experience self-care and healing, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The ability to love and care for our bodies should not be out of reach because of financial constraints and our Gift of Love Program was created to allow each of us to pay our blessings forward. Each month (on specified dates) we will open our books for donations and use those funds to cover the costs of our services for those in our community who need it most. 

I grew up in a low-income household, where we were closer to poverty than comfort and it was sometimes a struggle to have our basic needs met. The messages I received in that environment made me believe I was undeserving of nice things, and I would never have a nice life. Despite this, I was very lucky in many ways because my mother was so connected to natural medicines and holistic modalities and openly shared her knowledge with her children. As a result, I was exposed to reiki healing as well as reflexology at an early age which gave me a deep understanding of my body and an appreciation of its strength. So often I hear people talk about wellness as though it is an extra, an add-on or luxury that they can’t afford or don’t need. We have been trained to deal with issues reactively and on the surface; true healing will never be ours if we can’t see the bigger picture. 

We must all be invested in caring for and helping one another along the path. Paying it forward is about recognizing our own blessings and ensuring that our community can thrive along with us. We also believe that no contribution, no matter how small is without energetic value. As such, we also ask those are receiving assistance from the program to donate what they can, understanding that what one can give will vary greatly from person to person, day to day.


The recipients of the program will be varied and include those living in shelters, detention centres and group homes, those dealing with addiction, the formerly incarcerated, low income individuals and anyone else who could benefit from our offerings. We each have gifts to share, and this program is our way of saying thank you to all who came before us and all who will come after.